i really, REALLY have to clean my room, it is such a mess… This upper ^ room is so peaceful, calm and clean! Look at mine, picture down, it is much worse now! like mattresses everywhere and cables and magazines and books and papers and pencils and DUST, too much dust i can’t breath. oo and Cat hair from my precious cat Spinoza. Also it really need some paintwork, i totally HATE by wallpaper! I want all the light pink walls to be white and the wallpaper wall the same colour as the closet in front of it, minty green .

And after everything is clean and white and light i’m going to make a bed of palets, something
like this:

much better than that childish, one-person bed, full of holes and just horrible.
After that i’m gonna decorate my room FULL of stuff,

RETRO vases (must have i can tell)

And some fulgaire affiches for on the wall, best with fighting super hero’s

and a lot more but i have to sleep now, school tomorrow!



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